Dear valued customer(s),

First of all, MBI Company Limited (MBI) would like to send our warming greeting and wish you prosperous business.

MBI  is officially authorized to operate and trade on technical science, education and management fields by the Planning & Investment Dept. of HCM city.

MBI is currently operating on providing, distributing and counselling the use of chemicals, tools and equipment used in laboratory, hospital and manufacture.

MBI is currently providing and distributing services and products as follows:

Disposable plasticware - Italia

Disposable plasticware - Europe

Disposable plasticware – Vietnam

Disposable plasticware - China

Asian Chemicals

Scharlau Chemicals

Merck Chemicals

Merck Biological Chemicals

Indian Biological Chemicals

Labour safety:

Masks, Gloves


Laboratory equipment and tools.

MBI’s business follows the core values formed “CARE – HONESTY – TRUST & RESPECT”. With experienced, skilled and qualified staffs (employees), MBI is confident to serve customers with appropriate needs. The customers are satisfied the cost invested and their choices at MBI.

We are looking forward to co-operating with you in order to bring benefits and effectiveness to your business and enhance your company’s reputation.

Sincerely yours,

Chief Executive Officer